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Empowering The Everyday People Of America With A Platform Where all Can Easily Participate In Defending Our Liberty & Freedoms!
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Hello & Thank You!

Yes, A big thank you just for considering the option of donatiing to the cause of SAVING AMERICA! We Are Not, Never Have Been, & Never Want To Be A Socialist Nation. Why would we want to be like every other country in the world. If people want socialism there are plenty of existing countries that already offer it to anyone who wishes to abide. 


But we are a FREE NATION, Under God, With Liberty and Justice For All! And we want to make sure we stay that way.


Hence... The Purpose of this platform. 

Our bigest concerns and motivation to introduce this platform is the true fact that our country is faced with a growing force of people who are set on making us a social country, and we need to take immediate action to push back.


Your support is much needed in this monumental task. Thank you for what ever amount you can help with at this time. Please view the options below and help us KEEP AMERICA FREE!

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Our objective: to bring individuals, families, neighbors, friends, and the "Everyday People" to our amazing, "We The People's Town Hall," from their workplaces, in their homes, in their neighborhoods, and at any other gathering, with the ability to:
  • have peaceful conversations about all political issues that have and continue to divide the country. It truly does not need to be that way. 
  • have reasonable discussions about things, with the right to express our constitutionally protected and God given right to our opinions, (Freedom of Speech), without repercussions or fear of repression or getting canceled by the all to familiar, Cancel Culture!
  • remind all people that the US Constitution really does have it's place in representing and protecting our rights and privileges, as we choose to become a more productive and peaceful America. 
  • bring a greater awareness to our God given rights and privileges, as they are defined and protected in the "US Constitution.."
  • bring a renewed awareness back to the people who have lingered long without a pure understanding of all those rights and privileges.
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We Need Your Help To Take Back Our Country! We would really Appreciate A Donation Of Any Size... Every Little Bit Helps.
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All donations go directly to the community your donation originates from, or you can request to support any community you desire. 
Thank You For Your Support. 
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