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We urge all citizens to subscribe to their local newspapers. This helps these organizations employ journalists who attend city hall meetings, school board meetings and police precincts to report on how your tax-dollars are being spent, how your constitutional rights are being safeguarded, and to serve as watch dogs on how well your elected officials are serving you.
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Learn about the extreme drought In Utah!
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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) uses economic force to drive a political agenda through corporate America. Arguably, no one outside the Federal Government has more power, and few people outside the industry know what’s going on. Learn More About ESG!

Let's Stop ESG!

Utah Senate passes resolution to end county mask mandates - jan 18, 2022

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Our Utah Senators In Action

The Democrats have ventured deep into hyperbole and hysteria.- 3,972 views - Jan 18, 2022

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