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Utah Democratic Party Platform 2020:


What Utah Democrats Believe 


Economic security

We believe that all Americans deserve the peace of mind brought by economic security. We recognize that bad things can happen to good people. As Democrats, we support efforts that lend families and individuals a hand up toward self-reliance in times of need. We believe that, in a nation as prosperous as ours, no one should be denied access to basic human services.

Equality of opportunity

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams, no matter where they start out in life. We know that everyone in our society has something to contribute. As Democrats, we believe that people should be treated equitably to have a real opportunity for success. We recognize that our government plays an important role in ensuring fairness for all Americans.

Investing in the common good

We believe that our government should protect and provide for the public welfare and the common good. As Democrats, we support investments that enrich our communities and improve everyone’s quality of life. We believe in sustainable stewardship of our state’s natural resources to benefit current and future generations. Given the critical issues facing us, we believe that our representatives should rely on the best available evidence and science when making decisions.


American leadership

We believe that America’s place is as a leader among nations. As Democrats, we believe that America should be a champion of democracy and human rights and a defender of science and technology. We know that America is stronger when we work with our partners and allies.


The Big Tent

We affirm that the Democratic Party is the Big Tent, open to all Utahns who share our fundamental values. We believe that our shared humanity transcends our differences. As Democrats, we will work together toward a better state and country for everyone.

This platform was approved by State Delegates at the 2020 Utah Democratic Party State Convention.

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Editor in Chief

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Assistant Manager

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Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

Art Director

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