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Taking Action
Here is where we "The Everyday People" can learn how to...and actually make a difference!
Speaking Out:
When Everyday People Speak Out Everyday People Listen!
Taking A Stand:
What It Looks Like When One Person Takes A Stand
Defending Our Rights:
Some things Never Change
Be An American First:
What does that really mean in our lives today?

How Can I Take Action In My Community?

Things I Can Do Today...

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State Legislature

Connect with you local district Representative. Get to know them personally. Talk to them about your opinion on specific Local issues.


Know Your Constitution

Read and study the constitution of the United States and your local State Constitution


Attend City Council

It is really important to know what you city is doing. You can go in person or watch live or recorded sessions online.

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Be A Volunteer or Ambassador

We truly need active people to take initiative to lead, promote and educate the citizens of the rights and priveleages. 

Being A Patriot:
What Does It Mean To Be A patriot
 All People are free to live peacefully and productively without interference by government, We should always be allowed to improve ourselves, our families, and our communities.
The Constitution
Line By Line!

Presented By Senator Mike Lee
Non Profits:
In South Davis County...
Volunteer Match
Find The Best Volunteer Opportunities
Near Bountiful

Hands for Life Bountiful

No reviews · Non-profit organization

Bountiful, UT · In Woods Cross Gateway Park Building 

Utah League of independent Voters

No reviews · Non-profit organization

Bountiful, UT

Salt Lake American Refugee Services 

Helping refugees who do not know English nor their way around our system to survive and become full-fledged citizens!

Voices For Utah Children

By having a voice in decisions made by policymakers, we help ensure that the needs of children are raised in every policy debate.

Pacific Legal Foundation.At PLF,

We believe in individual liberty: where people are free to live peacefully and productively, without interference from government,American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)


Defending our votes, defending our Democracy. 

Click Here to find more Non-Profits 

Sometimes we need help to defend our liberty. Where do we turn? Here are some links to potentially help!





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