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How To Connect
With Your

The everyday people in our communities are stepping up with a desire to do something. Many  are ready to take action. They believe it's time to stand up, speak out & demand change!


Until now many have been verbally destroying our current representatives because they aren't doing things exactly as we wish. But instead it's now time to peacefully come together with the power of the people, express our discontent, demand true and transparent reporting of their actions, and if needed, let's help find and support better people to run for offices in the next elections.

In order to know who is doing their job and those who are for the people we must be able to connect with the actions they are taking. So here is the place that that can happen. Just scroll down to the map, drag to your community on the map and click on iot. Then you will see who your local representatives are. Click on their names and WALA, you are in direct connection with them. 

No more excuses. Let them know of your feelings about certain issues and ask them where they stand on other issues. It's now in your hands. 

Here You Can Find Your State Legislators
& Local Representatives
(Here you can Find the names and current legislative activities, New Bills & voting records)
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