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"Let's Agree
To Disagree"
Are You Tired Of Not Being Able To Talk To Your Friends Or Family Members About The Current Issues Present In The Country?
Are You Striving To Make A Difference In Your Community, State And/Or The Country?

If So, Then You Will Want To Learn More
& Get Connected To...

Our revolutionary platform is designed to maximize your ability to connect, promote, display, teach, discuss and share your information and services with the greatest number of citizens in your community, or any other community in multiple ways. Scroll down and learn more!

Sponsored By...

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We Represent America's
Everyday People...
...all 330 million+ of us.

We are providing a platform for the people of America that encourages citizens to come together much more conveniently in their communities, where it is truly possible for their voices to be heard and their actions to make a difference.
We The Everyday People
of our communities and states need to come to know how and where to connect with

Groups and Organizations
of like minded people. 

In Order For People To Take A Functional Stand, They Need To Know The Truths & They Need to Know Who They
Can Stand With. 

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Our Objective...
Is To Provide A Means For the Everyday People of America to Become More Aware of the Local Issues and a Way to Easily Speak Their Voice. To Take a Stand for Their Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Before it's Too Late!
To Support The Need Of The Everyday People...

We have created a One Place Online Platform that provides the opportunity to more easily...

  • attend community live events and city council meetings.

  • connect to like minded groups and organizations

  • become part of the collective solution that we together can provide !

We invite all groups and organizations to participate by connecting to our powerful United Citizens & Communities of America platform.
You Are Invited To...
Become A Member Of The UCGO Alliance Today!
Alliance Resources Overview:
We have designed and are currently offering the most powerful and comprehensive peoples platform for the purpose of collecting and displaying local information and resources that will empower all of the citizens of our communities to act, communicate & connect peacefully with boldness and courage. To take a stand and have their voices heard. Below are a few of the resources we have built in to the platform and we invite groups and organizations to access, utilize & assist in unifying all of your resources with ours.

Members Have Access to...


Website, Landing Page, Social Media, Email Campaigns, Text Messaging Campaigns, Direct Mail Marketing etc.   

Learning & Education

This is a history and study of our country, our government will shed some light on what "We The People," are currently challenged with in our day


We invite all people to join or start a group of like minded people to have discussions on any issue, concern or subject with no censorship. 

Podcasts & Blogs

We will not only be doing many podcasts and blogs, we will also host and post your blogs and podcasts on our platform for all to see.

Weekly Newsletter &
E-mail Campaigns

Our Newsletters will contain a "Groups & Organizations" block for weekly announcements, promotions and other highlights. 

Promotion & Advertising

We offer a number of advertising and promotions throughout the many pages of our platform, making it possible to reach an invaluable consumer presence.

Live Streaming & Recorded Meetings

We will be providing daily live streamed events, reviews & discussions and invite all alliance members to participate by hosting and producing your own.

Listings and Display

We are a state wide platform, so if you have a need to be listed or displayed in multi-communities we can make that happen. 

 When you participate in the the UCGO Alliance... become a part of the GREAT CITIZEN & COMMUNITY UNIFICATION process that is so much needed in all communities across America. Now there is no longer a need to create an extensive individual Group or Organization website. Just add us to your existing platform.
Issues In America.jpg

It's time we all
come together...

...As The Everyday People, And The Patriot & Grass Roots Groups & Organizations, to unite in our communities, to promote, teach and educate each other, and at the same time, generate an awareness of up to date news, information and community issues...

Of, By & For The People

Additional Support Programs


Community Citizen Volunteers

Our Community Volunteers bring powerful assistance to getting your group or organization exposed and utilized in each community. They bring the unity to community.

Executive Community 

Our Executive Ambassadors are the volunteer and resource managers of our communities. They work for you in coordinating and organizing all things community.

Live Streaming Local
Patriot Interviews

Consider us as your community news feed. We will be feeding information from all of our alliance members and citizens which is input on a daily basis. 

Spring & Fall Regional Epo's

We are currently in the planning stages for our events in the coming year of 2023. These will be powerful events that will bring a region of communities together to share, motivate, educate and build relationships. 

Alliance Member Training & Support.

There are many facets to our platform and we'll be continually adding new ones, so we will be offering  continually training. Also,  our platform support team will be available during business hours Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. 


Executive Committee Membership

When you become a member of our Alliance, one of the members of your Group or Organization will be invited to be a participant in our weekly executive team zoom type meeting. 

If We The Grass Roots Of America, All Pool Our Resources
& Work Together...
...We Can Re-Empower The Everyday People In Their Communities And Keep Our Country Great!

Only Then Can We The Individual People of America Take A Powerful & Solid Stand, And Begin To Make A Difference!

If Knowledge is Power....

 Then let's bring a greater awareness and knowledge, through a mass-collection of information and resources, and make it easy and convenient for the everyday people to access it and begin to apply it by becoming more educated on the issues. 

It Is Time For All of Us to Come Together In One Place. 
"Let's  help everyone come to know their God given rights and privilege's so they always know where they stand!"

"Let's create a more comprehensive familiarity of our Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, the Declaration Of Independence and more!"

Join Us Today As...
You know, the kind of patriots who are willing to sacrifice for freedom! Let's help the citizens  of our communities become a more active people. Let's all participate in this Revolutionary Platform, and share our combined knowledge and expertise to assist our fellow Americans in becoming pro-active in the fight for Freedom and Liberty. 
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Get Registered
In The...

Non-Partisan platform..
It's Time To Do The
"Right Thing"
Note: Before you register you might want to attend one of our live introductions.  Click Here to choose a date & time to attend! 
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