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It Is Time To Take The Leep!

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Our Liberty & Freedoms Are At Stake!

It's Time For all of us Everyday People To Take A Bold Stand... And Speak
Our minds
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"We Have Had Enough" 

America is our country
granted us by God!

As An Official Town Hall Member In Your Community,

you will not only have access to all of the latest information and resources available, to stay in tune with what is happening in you community and in the nation, but you will also be more prepared to provide your voice on issues that you more fully understand. You'll also be better prepared to assist bringing others in your community to a greater understanding of their rights and privileges, protected by our constitution. Over all, we will become a more informed with courage to stand in defense of those rights and privileges, and help provide a l"ong term opportunity for us all to finally have a voice in "All Things Community & Nation."
 Reach Out To Your Local Representatives
"Let Your Voice be Heard"

We Are A Nonpartisan Interactive Platform. That means we representing a balance in expression of opinions, views and comments. Our goal is to be a true representation of our diverse communities. We encourage a variety of local citizens to voice their concerns and provide regular feed back about all issues in their local community.

Please fill out the form on the left in detail so we can make sure you get assigned to the applicable, "We The People's Town Hall" in your community.
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If We Want To Keep Our Freedoms and Liberty, It's time to get involved!

We The American People, young and old, Need To Be Willing To Take Action now! If we are going to see the much needed change in our country, then we the "Everyday People" have got to get "Mad As Hell," and Do Something Besides Talk About it, And Now You Can! We all Can! Now you can become a part of the biggest movement America has ever witnessed. A movement where...

...we, the 328 million American "Everyday People," are going to lead the way!

It Takes Passion and Determination... 

...Along With Commitment & Action To Bring Change!

Watch this clip...
from the "NETWORK, Sidney Lumet, 1976 -

It surprisingly touches on how many of us feel in our society today...
"I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take This Anymore"!
Join Us & Be An American First
By Participating In The "Peoples Town Hall" In Your Community as a Peaceful Patriot! It's time for the voice of we the people be heard more clearly, more directly & more often about all the issues!
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Join a network of people who believe our Government...
is formed by the consent of the people, a government of the people, for the people & by the people. We are those people. This is our platform where we can be heard. A platform where we are allowed the "Freedom of Speech," where we can express our happiness or discontent concerning all issues, local or national! One where we can learn more about our rights and privileges, express our opinions, share our knowledge and provide our input.
Town Hall-Patriot Member
Ambassador - Advertiser

Join & Support The Team In
Your Community Now!

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We The Peaceful Patriots
It's got to be about individuals in the communities stepping up with a desire to do something. And then it's about providing those individuals with the ability and resources to take action. It's about not complaining about how things are, but instead, stand out and demand change! 
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We The Peoples
Town Hall
Now every community in the country can have their very own turnkey "We The People's Town Hall" platform that is fit to provide everyone in their community easy access on a regular basis to a plethora of interactive information and services.
We The

If you have a true passion to Make A Difference And Be Heard On Community Issues, and you want to be more in the loop within your communities health assessment, planning and growth, transparency in communication, selecting, promoting and electing new political representatives & schoolboard members, and basically all other aspects of your community, then you may be qualified to be an...

We The
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WE The
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It Takes A Community To
Make A Difference!
If You Love Your Country And You Have Always Wanted to Make A Difference...
Take Your Place Now! 
Peaceful Patriots
Or: If You Just Want To Donate To One Of The Most Worthy Causes In America - Your Freedom!
Explore Details Below!

Local Donations That Stay In Your Community

The Local Doations

All donations go straight to the community
you choose to support!
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My Fellow Americans!
"I Have Been Silent To Long. I Just Can't Sit Back And Watch Our Country Be Disrupted By People Who Must Not Enjoy True Freedom. I Get It Though. Some People Relate Free Stuff To Freedom. What They Don't Realize Is That Nothing Comes Free. The More Free Stuff You Get, The Less Freedom You Have. The More Free Stuff, The More Taxes We Pay. It Has To Be That Way Because NOTHING IS FREE!" 
Bill Misrasi
Founder & Peaceful Patriot
So, I have made a commitment to myself, my community, to my country and to my God, to dedicate all that I have been blessed with to help make a difference, and help as many others as possible along the way. It is truly time for all of us to let our voices be heard...and to take action!!! No More Excuses!

In an effort to begin to do my part, I am introducing a new and revolutionary "Community Based Platform," where our voices can be heard from within our communities, and by our elected representatives, every hour of every day.

And that's not all, it's also a learning center to help everyone get familiar with our rights & privileges, and our liberties & laws, so that we can more boldly defend ourselves, through the power of the constitution. It's a place where you can get refreshed on the history of, "The Making of America," a place where you can find all the information to do with the current representatives in your Community, State and in your Nation. All right at your finger tips, and so much more!

This is where it all happens, and it happens in your community....
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We have got to come together in our communities now, where the voices of, we the "Everyday People," are empowered by the First Amendment & Civil Rights, and protected by the US Constitution!
We have got to speak out without fear. The only fear we need to have is "Fear of God". The fear that if we do nothing, He will do nothing! We must turn our trust to Him! The current issues are bigger than us, but our voices and actions coupled with His power, can truly correct the direction in which our (His) country is heading. We truly need to be proactive. It's time to take action, and do our part! Today! Let's "Be An American First" & defend our Constitution that encompasses our God given rights!
BeAnAmerican_First Logo-3.png
The Objective is to utilize the platform to promote peace while making change; to provide everyone with a place to take part in making change happen; a voice in our Town Halls; a peaceful place to attend from home, work or in assembly; and a place that allows all voices to be expressed with open discussion. We do not support extremism from either end of the spectrum. We believe every person has a right to be heard and strongly encourage fair and open discussions. When we allow the words of someone we disagree with to speak their piece, we are only exercising true freedom of speech. Then comes the part to agree to disagree peacefully. That is the true process of freedom. Everyone is entitled to their opinion! No one is right or wrong. We are entitled to believe what we believe because that is who we are. We can all learn from each other. We should all learn from each other. 
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So My Fellow Americans:
If you have a true desire to really make a difference, then this is the place and time, and I encourage your membership. Let's come together with all that we stand for and make a difference. Now is the time! Join me in your community, "We The People's Town Hall" today. It's a FREE membership, we just ask you to donate what you can as often as you can to help support your community. Your Donations Stay In Your Community!

When you click the "Join Now" button below, you will be directed to a place where you can join in your community. "Thank you and I look forward to visiting you in your community, both virtually and in person."

Let's Strengthen Americaa, 
From Within Each Of Our Communities. That Is Really Where The Power Exists!

Meet Our Sponsors!

This is a Platform Where "We The People" Can Speak, and Be Heard by our chosen Representatives.

We Need People
in each of our communities who will be managed and moderated by real people (Ambassadors) and other community based people who will fill the various capacities of leading our efforts in their community.

People to build, strengthen and grow our communities. People who will become resources for bringing good people to serve as representatives that the people choose and vote for!
We need people who will share their thoughts and opinions on all issues on our Chat Forum. People who will help us make this site a place where healthy discussions of personally expressed views and opinions take place,

Our Objective is to provide thought provoking information and resources that will empower our diverse natures to speak out and take action.

We want your videos, pictures, stories and expressions that can be freely posted, only  monitored and moderated for NO ALLOWANCE" of any hate messages or foul language. 

We Are A Discovery Forum, providing a platform to discuss and explore potential local leaders, people we choose from within our communities that we know, like & trust. Those whom we can sponsor as true representatives of the people and not their own ambitions!


We Are A True Community Based Platform

where you can share your voice with your local residence in your community, to express at your convenience, your concerns and ideas that can help make your community a better place to live.

Join Us Today

It Is A Platform Where You Can Watch Live Streaming City Council and County Commission meetings that we hope will soon provide an opportunity to interact from the convenience of your homes. 

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