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(The UCGO Alliance)
What's The Role Of Our Alliance Members?
The UCGO Alliance Is sponsored and managed by the We The People's Town Hall (WTPTH) aka: The United Communities Of America (UCA). 
The Role As An Alliance Member In The Community?
Our Alliance Members will...,
  1. play an active and voluntary role in connecting their services to our local community network in Utah. They will promote their interests through activities that address base community wellbeing measures across the platform .
  2. assist in building a grassroots organization that engages at each level of government, community, education and health by bringing their services to the WTPTH & UCA platform to increase public awareness of issues and concerns that affect our communities.
  3. assist in creating an environment of educating the citizen in their communities by providing any resources available to them that will be made available to the everyday people who are willing to learn and act in all aspects of maintaining personal liberty. 
  4. provide their support in providing whatever resources they have to assist in bringing a greater awareness of the freedoms, rights and privileges given by God and protected by the U S Constitution.
  5. bring a desire of collaboration with all members, affiliates and citizens to establish a high level of unity at every level of community.
  6. Join Our UCGOA Executive Team Committee,  represented by one  member of the Alliance members group or organization. with the over all objective to bring a diverse group of individuals from all sides of the community spectrum to present & discuss the needs of the communities we represent. Each will bringing their perspective of the real issues to light, while encouraging peaceable discussions, with an attitude of meeting the needs of all citizens, not just specific parties or interest groups. 
  7. participate in the UCGOA non-partisan platform with the allowance for partisan groups to establish peaceful collaborations within their own groups and encouraging  broader discussion among all parties. That can be done by staying focused on community issues, not partisan party issues. 
  8. agree to represent their own agendas on the UCGOA platform with the intent of bringing community citizens to an awareness of all the issues and concerns of the community they represent on the region or state level. 
  9.  agree,  with their best efforts, to assist in gathering skilled Trainers, Coaches, Organizers, Field Outreach Experts, Campaigners, Legislators, District Representatives, Candidates, Delegates (State & County), City Mayors, County Commissioners, Police, Sheriff and Fire Chiefs, County Clerks, Educators, Senators, Congressmen and all other individuals or entities, for the purpose of supporting and strengthening each and every citizen and community.
  10. understand that we are not a non-profit organization, but all will be encouraged to be actively pursuing donations to the platform to assist in providing the operating funds to support materials and resources for training, educating, publishing and promoting events and activities. We encourage shared fundraising activities with pre-established division of funds from both sides. The platform will advertise and promote such activities for their share of the raised funds. (See more details)
  11. as a participating Group or Organization can utilize the We The People's Town Hall (WTPTH) platform to honestly and fairly represent any party or affiliation with the absence of any hate, bullying, fowl language, sexually explicit graphics, pictures, videos or sound tracks, or any other derogatory or defamatory comments or any type of representation whatsoever will not be tolerated.
  12. understands and agrees that neither party assumes any liability of the other party under any circumstance.
  13. understands and agrees that UCGO Alliance is formed for the sole purpose of organizing interested parties to come together in an environment of peaceful communications to discuss the non-partisan needs of the represented communities. 
  14. understands and agrees that termination of this Alliance can be executed by either party at any time for any reason. 
  15. understands and agrees that UCGO, UCA & WTPTH do not represent nor do they promote any particular political party or interest. 
  16. understands and agrees that should if any of the above items listed in paragraph eleven (11) be present at any time for any reason it will be at the total discretion of the CEO/Founder of the platform to immediately remove the same with out any required notification to the provider of such. 

The UCGO Alliance Members Also Provide...


Information And Services 

  • Present your community with a greater awareness to the issues that need to have local input, progress, and growth of your community.

  • present local political and economic issues that are most important to your specific community. 

We The People Flag Gavel.jpeg
Local Political & Legislative Reports and voting records.
  • political campaigning information to promote and support local candidates who are running for political offices.
  • Information & Resources to those who are currently in office in your communities and districts, with links and access to their voting records.
The Title Of Our Liberty.jpg
The Liberty Of Free Speech
  • Encourage the voice of the local citizens by expressing your opinion, sharing your views and be heard, as well as be an active participant in your local, political action groups, (if you choose).
  • Plus: participate in providing information to be posted in our daily live streaming events, podcasts, and webinars, social media posts and weekly newsletter.

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