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It's About Time We Quit Talking
About What Needs To Be Done To Save Our
Country And Just...
We Need To Take Action
And Do Something About The Issues In Our Communities!
It Is Now The Time To... 
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We Are Introducing An Organized Team Driven Process For A More People Driven Functionality In Our Communities.
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The Most Powerful & Innovative Community Information  and Communications Platform.

Our revolutionary platform will provide transparency and enhanced citizen awareness in an environment where Local Citizens can come together in a community defined Group Environment we call A "Tribe for Liberty".

he objective of  each Tribe is to provide ready access to the resources needed to keep citizens informed on all current issues, activities and all things community. All to empower greater defense of their personal and community liberties, as well as the constitution, (State & Nat'l).  
"It Is A Platform Where The Everyday People Can Truly Become Aware As Well As Actively Take a Part In All Things Happening In Their Community!" Bill Misrasi
It All Starts
Right Here...
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We Are...

One Nation Under God, With

And Justice For All!

We Are Empowered By The People, Of The People, For The People...

...And The Hand Of God!
We The People
Must Stand 
protect and defend the 
Of The
United Sates
Of America
and to the republic for which
it stands. It is the 

Rule Of law
that provides for the
foundation of our rights and   liberties
in our homes, our lives and
Our communities, !
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No More Just Talking

It's Time For....

 Taking Action!

It's Time To....
Our Government Is Out Of Control And The People Of This Great Country Are The Last Line Of Defense. We
Must Organize & Take Action.

Join Us In The



"In The Spirit Of

The GoBeSay&Do

Are You Up For A Life Altering Challenge To Help Make A Difference As Citizens In Our Communities?
If So Then You Are In
The Right Place
We Are Now

All Precincts In Utah

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For The Peoples 



In The Spirit Of

We Need Participants Who Believe The Power Is In The Hands Of The People!



"In The Spirit Of

A Community Action Initiative...
Providing an environment for Local Citizens to come together in a community defined Tribe for Liberty. The objective of  each Tribe is to support and defend  their personal and community liberty, the constitution, (State & Nat'l) and bring greater awareness and transparency to all things community.

The Tribe will organize and communicate from a well organized group communication platform that originates from their local digital community town hall located in the web3 based platform.

The Tribe will organizing events, volunteer in fundraising, and advocate for causes that benefit the community. The Tribes will work to create a sense of unity and belonging, growth and sustainability, while fostering an enhanced ability for open and peaceful dialogue between the people, elected officials, businesses, and all other resource providers in the community. 
Join Your...
Tribe For Liberty

For All Citizens, Groups and Organizations 

The Everyday People Can Make A Positive Impact Through Team Participatory Actions To:

  • Influence Change 
  • Improve, Protect and Defend the Quality of Life 
  • Ensure a Balance Of State & Federal  Government Power
  • Maintain the Integrity of Our Republic as well as our Individual Liberty 
  • Require Election Integrity 
  • Establish A Sustainable Economy
  • While Maintaining 
A Higher Quality Of Community Living!​
Note: This event can be launched in any community once we have a volunteer Executive Ambassador to manage the event. 
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We Are Truly A Take Action Team Of Dedicated Grass Roots Patriots. Our Action Moto Is...

We Are Seeking Action Minded Patriots of The Grass Roots Caliber!
The Power Is In What You Believe!
You have probably heard..."If You Believe You Can Your Right, If You Believe You Can't, You're Right!"
To many people believe that making the changes needed in our communities are to big because they are just one person. And They Are Right...Kinda! The problem with that thought is they are just not seeing the power that can come from being one person when they become a part of a collective. 
Empowering The Individual
Introducing The GoBeSayDo Teams
​When a team of citizens get motivated and involved in making changes in their community as volunteers they soon begin to realize the power that can come from a team. The old adage... "Many Hands Make Light Work!"

They begin to witness the accomplishments of a variety of tasks, such as organizing events, distributing information, connecting with local officials, and providing support to those affected by different challenges, and bringing greater awareness to all things in their communities.

Soon they are recruiting other volunteers and the power of the team continues to grow exponentially. All mostly accomplished through word of mouth, social media, and other forms of outreach. And, especially when others in the community begin to see and experience the good coming from the voluntary efforts of the teams.

The Key To Big Challenges
Is Breaking Them Down To The Doable!
Big challenges are often related to eating an elephant. We believe it all comes back to the old adage, "How Do You Eat An Elephant? One bite at a time".

Let's suppose our communities are the elephant. The story goes... you have to start taking small bites. But the big question still exists, Where do you start.
What We Don't Want To Do ... is become fire fighters. That means we don't want to tackle things that have been in place for ever and pretty established, be they right or wrong, but we do want to take a step back, bring our team together and establish a game plan, and tackle things we can bring on change to start.
So, Where Do We Start?
 To truly make a difference we have to start by breaking down and identifying the...

Priority Issues

In Our Communities. 


It's Time To Start Taking A Bite Out Of The Elephant In The Community!


2. Homelessness
3. Lack of access to healthcare
4. Lack of access to education
5. Discrimination
6. Crime
7. Substance abuse
8. Mental health issues
9. Unemployment
10. Environmental degradation

  • Economic issues

  • Social stratification

  • Public health

  • Age discrimination

  • Education and public school

  • Work and occupation

  • Social disorganization

  • Social inequality

Charitable nonprofits 
  • feedheal, shelter
  • educateinspire
  • enlighten,
  • & nurture people
  • of every age, gender, race,& socioeconomic status.


2. Inequality:   

3. Poverty:   

4. Infrastructure:   

5. Education:   

6. Taxation:   

7. Inflation:   

8. Trade:  

Environmental issues include
Air and water pollution,
climate change,
waste management,
loss of biodiversity
soil erosion
acid rain
ozone depletion
and urban sprawl.
  • Strengthen thel economy,
  • Creating jobs
  • Goods and services 
  • People to come together
  • Help reduce poverty
  • Ballance and inequality
  • Access to resources and opportunities 
  • Promote sustainability
  • Produce green products
  • Reduce environmental impact 
Governmental assets of a
community can include public
infrastructure such as
  • roads, bridges,
  • public transportation,
  • parks, libraries, schools,
  • and other public buildings.
also includes public services such as:
  • Police and fire departments,
  • public health services,
  • social services.
  • Public utilities
  • water, sewer, and electricity.
Finally, assets may include
public funds such as
  • taxes, fees, and grants

Community technologies used to facilitate

communication include

 social media platforms,

online forums,



and other web-based tools.

 share information,

 facilitate discussion,

and build relationships

promote civic engagement

foster collaboration,

and support economic development.

Health & Wellness

Now there's a Platform to provide all an easier way to serve in Our Local Communities!

  •  Where we can GO to just "Be Americans First." It is truly a platform that provides a "We The People's Network of Service." 
  • Where Everyday People Can BE people of  reason and common sense, can more easily make a difference by voice and action, and can be heard Loud & Clear! A Network of Peaceful Patriotic Americans.
  • A Platform To SAY things Louder than the Minority. To drown out the media! A Peoples Platform!
  • As Everyday People SAY in a Loud Voice, (A Roar!) We Demand our Liberty, Peace, Happiness and Safety.
  • GO To A Platform That Teaches and Educates the everyday people in our communities and across America. 
  • Go To A Platform Where Everyday People Can BE One of the 330 million Americans with access to greater knowledge and understanding of all freedoms, rights and privilege's afforded us by God & protected by the Constitution.
  • A Peoples Platform to BE a Greater Influence and To DO good things that establish knowledge, like and trust within our communities.
  • A Platform Where We Do The Right Thing and Invite God back into our government, schools & all community functions. Where to love one another happens naturally, it is what He wants us to do. 
  • Let's GoBeSayDo...
    all things that strengthen our communities, educate the people and participate in balancing our environment. And Let's Remember After All...
"This Is Gods Country!"
The Bountiful Peoples
Action Center
it takes a small effort to make a Big difference, not just with our voices but with many hands as we take the actions needed to make change.
We are Introducing The Most Innovative One Place Platform Where All The "Individuals" In your community can "Come Together", and become a strength in taking action and to be heard. It's time to GO into Action in a non-partisan way. It's time to BE Americans First and encourage all patriots within our communities to exercise their freedom of speech and SAY something to the and then DO something about the issues affecting their community.
Sometimes we take it all for granted and then one day we wake up and we are fighting to keep our freedoms, and to keep big government out of our homes and businesses.

Help us keep your community FREE as outlined in the constitution. Even if it's just for one hour a week. There is so much that can be done right from your homes.

Check out our online introduction to the many opportunities that exist in your community today. 
To make change and bring unity to our communities, we need leadership and willing participants. We need citizens who will commit their time, talents and abilities to the greater cause. The cause of Freedom & Liberty. We invite you to join with us in this powerful platform to bring peaceful and powerful stability to your community, your state and your country. 
We invite all citizens to...

Explore Opportunities to

There are so many ways we can each participate even in the smallest way and be a part of making a huge difference in maintaining our liberties .
You really can! Check it out!
Join With Us Today
Help Us Build the Strongest and Most
 Organized & Active "
Communities in the World.
There is something
for all of us...

...GO and take part, no matter what walk of life you come from. We need everyone's support if we're going to make a difference.

Family on Digital Tablet
Happy Couple
Portrait of a Young Man
Healthy Eating

We invite all to BE watchful, to read and share any and all of this information. Share it out to your networks of acquaintances to help refresh and educate all people who are desirous to live free continually. 

To Stand Up and SAY with a loud voice that you are about freedom and liberty. Remind people where our freedoms started, and what it has taken to build the greatest country in the world.


Senior Portrait

It's time for us all to DO our part and help save this country from the socialist environment that is persisting today. 


College Friends

Check It Out Today!

It's The Most Amazing Peoples Platform
that will revolutionize...
...the way the Everyday American People  communicate and control their own narrative. It's not only about promoting and supporting local representatives. It's about accessing and providing real news local and national. It's about accessing and discussing current issues and the latest legislation that has been signed into law.
It's Totally Turnkey! Everything you need is included with extensive, on going training & education, marketing & promotion, live streaming, blogs & podcasts and so much more! Where All Good Men & Women Can Stand, and Begin To Make a Bigger Difference in All Things Local & National!
Cracked Concrete Wall

Now Is The time To Take

An Active Part

In the Most Powerful...Voice of The Everyday People in America.  Let's make a peaceful effort in helping build the largest and most dedicated network of, GoBeSayDo People.

 in the country. A platform that involves all true Americans who still believe that Freedom is in our hands, who are not afraid to take a stand and take action for change within their communities. If you are one of those people, then...

Get Registered... 
In Your Own Community Today!
The Peoples Town Hall Logo-6 copy.png
"Be An American First," be a "Peaceful Patriot,"
Be in support of your Community...Today!
All Are Invited
To Join Us!

(We Are A Non-Partisan Platform)
Representing All People of America.  Lets Not Focus On Being Democrats, Republicans, Black, White, Red, Brown, Straight, Gay or Otherwise.
Let's Just Be Americans First!

Explore... The Following Opportunities... 
Help Encourage & Support the Citizens In Your Your Community. Invite Them To Volunteer In
"The Peoples Town Hall" platform"!
The Peoples Town Hall Logo-6 copy.png
Go To The...
Town Hall"
In Your City!
Go To The...
"Peoples Academy
Become A 
In Your Community
Become An Ambassador
In Your City!
Click Here... To Explore the
Many Other Opportunities In Your
Community Now!
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