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Empowering The Everyday People Of America With A Platform Where all Can Easily Participate In Defending Our Liberty & Freedoms!

Hello Utah Citizens

Welcome to your opportunity to participate in building sustainable communities in the State Of Utah. 

Building Sustainable Communities

Utah Peoples Town Hall is developing a platform for establishing  sustainable  economies throughout the state of Utah...

…through a multi-structured community plan that collaborates with all surrounding communities in South Davis county.


The objective of the multi-structured plan is to establish a unified process that is organized and managed by a joint task force represented by commissioned and volunteer members of each community, insure the ability of all participating cities to to be more proactive in securing the continuation of the daily functions of all businesses, religions, schools, food chains, health, medical and dental facilities, law enforcement, fire departments, utilities (water, Electricity, Gas), etc. the case of any type of disaster, human or nature caused, for the over all survival and well being of all citizens in their communities.

We The People's Town Hall Is
Community & Libertyfest

The 8-Pillars

of Sustainability 


human, social, economic, Government, Business

Tra-Digital, environmental & Liberty

 Introducing, Educating & Training!
For The Purpose Of...
  • Establishing sustainable economies

    in every community.

  • Connecting citizens & representatives.

  • Opinion board of a variety of issues 

  • Citizens participation in group discussions 

  • Citizens to meet and connect candidates

  • running for office

A Place For Citizens To Speak Out!
  • Groups and organizations that can be Contacted & Joined

  • Access to educational resources 

  • Learn About all levels of government.

  • Access to local, historical  resources.

  • Access to local news and social media resources.

  • Access to podcasts and blogs .

Your One Stop
For All Things Utah!
Join Us In Empowering Your 
Grass Roots
Community... Today!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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